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Fiberglass Door Replacement in Chicago

If you want an affordable door for your home without compromising on looks, a fiberglass door might offer exactly what you’re looking for. Able to withstand harsh weather and direct sunlight for decades, fiberglass is one of the most robust materials used for doors. 

Thanks to the adaptable nature of the material, fiberglass doors are also available in a wide variety of styles, offering plenty of options for nearly any household. Chicago Windows Solutions can work with you to choose the right doors for your home, taking special care to find one that looks great and performs well in every season.

Here’s why you should consider fiberglass doors for your project:

A home after fiberglass entry door replacement.

Hundreds of Styles

Often associated with home insulation and aerospace technology, fiberglass is a versatile material that’s durable in nearly any form. Thanks to that versatility, it’s also possible to mimic other materials with fiberglass, from wood paneling to sleek metal sheet work. These doors can come in nearly any conceivable style and are often the best way to achieve a certain look without breaking the bank.

These styles are expanded further with a wide palette of colors. Our team can help you find just about any color and style you like, including ones that fit certain themes. Looking for a perfect complement to your beach-style home? Need a durable, affordable wooden door for your Victorian renovation? Fiberglass doors are an increasingly great option for nearly any property or style.

A home after a new fiberglass door was picked out and installed.

Durable and Efficient Doors

When choosing the right door for your home, it’s incredibly important to choose doors that are resilient against freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, heavy winds, and harsh sunlight. Fiberglass doors are a fantastic option for withstanding these elements. Unlike wooden doors, Fiberglass doors can’t rot or become insect infested.

While their durability helps with long-term costs, their energy efficiency can make a big difference in the here-and-now. Fiberglass entry doors are wonderful insulators, especially when paired with Chicago Windows Solutions’ premium weather-stripping. This helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer months.

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