A new steel door on a Chicago home.

Chicago Steel Door Installation

Steel Door Replacement & Installation in Chicago

Let’s face it: if you need a truly durable door for your home or business, you should probably choose a steel door. Steel doors are incomparably strong and amazingly durable, making them a premium choice for any Chicago household. When compared on strength alone, steel doors even beat massive wooden doors.

Available in a surprisingly wide variety of colors and styles, steel doors are a popular door option for many homes in the Chicago metro area. If a steel door is right for your home, make sure you choose a reputable installer with experience. At Chicago Windows Solutions, our craftsmen are specially-trained to install steel doors quickly, safely, and reliably.

A front steel door on a Chicago home.

Know You’re Protected

You can’t get much more secure than a steel door, especially when it’s installed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Steel doors offer peace-of-mind to our clients, especially when they make a dent in your energy bill.

Your front door can make a big impact on the cost of your utilities, when it lets air come-and-go from your home. Despite what some may think, steel doors are a fantastic insulator for your home. Rather than solid metal, steel doors often contain thick, dense foam insulation. This ensures your home is protected from both intruders and the harsh Chicago winter.

Chicago Windows Solutions works with top-quality brands to ensure your home is protected in every situation. We’ll help you choose the right door for you and your family.

A beautiful front steel door.

Reliable and Durable

With the right coat of paint and proper maintenance, steel doors can last over 30 years in your home. This is because of their unparalleled durability. These doors don’t warp or change shape, take on moisture, or grow mold like wooden doors can. They can withstand strong winds, heavy snow, and torrential rain. If you are concerned about the weather’s effect on your home, steel doors are a fantastic option every time.

When installed properly, steel doors should need nothing more than a fresh coat of paint throughout their long life at your home. If you need a steel door installed properly by a team of experienced, well-respected craftsmen, contact Chicago Windows Solutions today.

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